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5 Health Foods You’ve Never Heard of That Will Be Huge in 2017

Kale? Yawn. Quinoa? Double yawn. Resolve to try some new good-for-you foods in the New Year. From jackfruit to spigarello, here are the trends you’re about to see at local markets and on restaurant menus all over the place.


This exotic fruit from Southeast Asia is rich in protein, potassium, calcium and iron. Its flavor and texture resembles pulled pork, so it’s being touted as the newest vegan meat substitute. (try Upton’s Naturals Bar-B-Que Jackfruit).


This ancient grain is popping up everywhere. Like quinoa, it’s similar to rice but it has nearly ten times the protein and fiber. Make this amaranth polenta and invite your gluten-free friends—it’s on their approved list.


Also known as “broccoli spigarello,” this southern Italian green is considered the predecessor to broccoli rabe. Think the sweetness of broccoli combined with the slightly bitter taste of kale. It’s great sautéed in olive oil with pine nuts, but it also makes a nutritious pizza topper.


This root vegetable popular in Filipino cuisine is sweet like a yam…and purple! You’ll see it around as a natural food dye in treats like doughnuts and pudding. If you find it in ice-cream form, get a double scoop.


This super seaweed is packed with vitamins A, B2, C, D, E and K. Plus, it’s rich in iron, calcium, magnesium (for muscle function) and iodine (for a healthy thyroid). Basically, it has “trendy new superfood” written all over it.


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