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3 Strategies for Nailing the Focus in Night Landscape Photography


If you peruse photos in PhotographyTalk’s galleries, on Flickr, or on Instagram, it’s hard not ...

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3 Upcoming Photography Tools You Don’t Want to Miss


It’s safe to say that we’re in an age of photography that is unparalleled in ...

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Astrophotography Gear Guide: Essential Equipment


Space has always been a bit of an intriguing place for humans. We love to ...

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3 Tips for Creating Abstract Landscape Photos


When you hear the term “landscape photography,” you probably have an image in your mind’s ...

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Why Your Photos of Mountains are No Good

Mountain peak in Nepal Himalaya shot from an aerial point of view.

Mountains are one of the most beautiful natural features to photograph. Whether they are covered ...

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How Using Live View Can Improve Your Photos


Live view is a handy feature that many DSLRs and mirrorless systems have, yet many ...

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Need a New Travel Camera Bag? Here’s What to Look For…


Because of their utilitarian nature, camera bags often get looked over as being an integral ...

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3 Crucial Fall Photography Tips You Can’t Miss


A while back we offered up a few fall photography tips to help you take ...

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Critical Tips for a Successful Photography Trip to Vietnam


Vietnam is a place of unparalleled beauty, with exotic sites, a vibrancy of color, and ...

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Take to the Skies With These Critical Drone Photography Tips


Drone photography has really taken off (pun intended!) the last few years, and what used ...

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